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Work For Reuters As A Journalist

To all budding journalists out there, you can work for Reuters!

There is a graduate programme that you start after you get a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and there is a paid internship programme as well.

The graduate programme (paid) runs for one year in London and one year on overseas assignment – anyone can apply.

The internship runs for ten weeks and the interns will be placed in one of several locations in either the United States or in a Latin American country. There will however be a three day orientation for the interns in New York. Again, anyone can apply.

Deadlines for both are in September and Reuters only accepts online applications and you must have some clips of previous stories you have written for local/university/national papers/TV/Radio.

There are also programmes and internships for those interested in Sales/Marketing, Business/Finance, IT/Technology and so on, so check out the website.

NOTE: I have no connection to Reuters. I found this and thought I would pass it on. Please do not contact me. Good luck.

– Marisa.

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