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You get to decide the future of Perth Diary

If you haven’t noticed, the Sunday Leader has got a brand spanking new website. I went exploring.

Turns out that in the review section they are printing blog posts from the Kottu feed. Turns out there is no Perth Diary anywhere in the pages online or in print.

Turns out that they have cancelled Perth Diary and have forgotten or decided not to inform me of the fact.

I have emailed my editor because I wanted to know what was happening. I am fine with them cancelling it, but I don’t understand why they could not be polite enough to tell me. They still haven’t replied to my email so as of now I am assuming that it’s over as a Sunday Leader column.

So after four years, Perth Diary won’t be printed in The Sunday Leader and it won’t be appearing online on their website.

I know some people hated it and some people loved it so now I am opening the column’s fate to you.

I don’t mind writing it but it will probably be more a fortnightly endeavour right now than a weekly one (or else I’ll run out of time or ideas). It will discuss all sorts of things you probably won’t be completely comfortable with. But if you really want Perth Diary to continue, then the only way it probably will is via being published on this weblog. If I continue writing it though, I’d love to see some feedback from the readers. Let me know what you like and don’t like.

Do you want it to continue via this weblog? Leave a comment with your suggestions and ideas.

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