HIM update for April 15

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Word count goals this week: 5,000
Actual word count this week: 3334
Total word count so far: 11,338
Total word count goal at this point: 60,000


How long did it take me? 3 hours

What have I learnt?

  1. My first choice for certain characteristics for new character Kay was not as good as the choice I ended up making which has actually opened up the plot quite a bit thankfully. I am in debt to my family friend Sudath for the suggestion for certain character traits and also her name (Kay isn’t a name she will end up having throughout the book but she starts with it). Thank you!
  2. If you realised by now that Sophie is rather lonely you are much smarter than me because I didn’t realise that till I was typing everything in. But yes she is and I don’t think she knows it yet.
  3. Trying to convey the bar scene has been a bit tough for me. So while the general dialogue and action will definitely remain the same for now when I get around to editing, I may go back and add more or better description. Maybe I need to go and sit in a lot of bars first.

What distracted me?

  1. I have had a couple of tough weeks, mental health wise.  But I am trying to get over them and keep going.
  2. I also had my phone camera stop working. This has temporarily halted any video work for journalism etc that I wanted to do with it and so it’s driving me a bit nuts while I try to figure out what to do about it. I may end up going and getting a reasonable video camera instead. If you have any suggestions for some good ones, please leave them in the comments and I will adore you forever.


  1. Please keep an eye out for podcasts and interviews and reviews. I will try to get them up.
  2. Some of you have asked me questions about writing HIM or writing in general – you can comment below or email me or tweet at me – and I will be answering them every week for as long as I get them so let me know.

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