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7 Important Lessons I Learned About Running Awesome Livestreams

So as you may know by now, I have been running #writewithme livestreams for the past few weeks. In order to create a writing habit and to help others do the same.

This is a summary of what I have learned so far.

1. Three livestreams a week is probably what I can manage without making myself go blind.

I am prone to dry eyes and while I am not staring at my ring light for most of the time that I am writing, I still can’t do too much livestreaming in this fashion before my eyes start hurting.

And I need my eyes to do the rest of my work.

So I am going to restrict it to three times a week max.

2. Each livestream should probably be about two hours long.

I started with one hour and it wasn’t quite long enough for people to get settled in or find the video and go from there.

So I am aiming for two hours per stream now. That should help people get something out of it.

3. It actually doesn’t matter if people watch it live or not.

The videos are preserved on Youtube for people to follow along later if they want to.

But what I mean by this is that people are very welcome to join in but the goal of this is to build up a writing habit and to get my words on the page and finish this book faster than I otherwise would have. To actually make myself carve time out for it until it becomes ingrained.

So it is an experiment and that is my measure of success. Not the number of viewers or subscribers. Though if people get some benefit out of it then that is great too and I am always happy to chat and help.

4. I need an hour’s break afterwards.

This is to decompress and sort my head out and get back into work mode. It does mean having to readjust my schedule as well because…

5. The timing of it does matter a bit.

So, right now, if I start livestreams early at around 4 or 5 am I am often anxious about getting up on time to be ready for them. This doesn’t happen if no livestream is involved. But I can’t allow myself extra anxiety – this is meant to be a fun experiment.

So at least for now, I am thinking I should make it 7 am to 9 am. And start work at 10 am.

6. I need to be a bit more organised about how I inform people of times and days for livestreams.

So, I am going to list them out on the events page on this website. And on Youtube and Twitch.

And then on Sundays, there will be a social media post and an email (possibly automated, sorry) going to the mailing list about the upcoming livestream schedule for the week. There won’t be any reminder emails.

I may take a break for this coming week and start again in the second week of Feb just so I have some time to finish some other work and set all this up in advance where I need to.

7. I need to set timers.

I am eternally jabbering about ten minute writing sprints and then forgetting to check the time and stopping like an hour later. So I need to set timers and chat a bit more to chat and so on.

As always the playlist for all the livestreams is here:

#writewithme livestreams playlist

You can find out more and follow me on the various platforms here:

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