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Gin & Tonic update #2: I was so wrong! AKA #maricantmath

We interrupt this regular broadcast to tell you two things:

1. We are late. Apologies. I am still trying to get myself back into a routine and things keep happening to send me right out of it. More on that in a couple of weeks.


Let me explain.

I intend to update you on what is happening with G & T and if you go to my Patreon and subscribe for $1 per month you can read G & T from start to wherever I am at by the time you catch up to it/the finish.

So I have these posts on the blog scheduled to tell you about the writing process for the last two weeks and how much I managed to write and if I have learnt anything new about the writing process along the way etc.

Except I got a bit delayed and have not written much since the start of 2019.

And I write everything by hand as you know in a book. And so I never know word counts till I type it all up.

So as of the last update where I also informed you about the Patreon thing (we are upto five subscribers and a total of $10 per month which doesn’t sound like much but will pay my website hosting costs), I told you that we were at about 23,000 odd typed up words and that I had more to type up and that I thought it would only add about another 2,000 to 3,000 words to the total.


Typing up the draft

I counted the pages in the book that I had not typed up yet and got: 42. 

Which you know is hilarious cos meaning of life and all of that.

Then I started typing. I have so far typed up 20 pages out of that 42.

And my word count has gone from 23,632 words to 28,149. 28,149! 

When I type up the drafts I often add a few more words because the primary stuff is already written down by hand but it jogs my memory of what else is in the scene that was secondary and didn’t get included in the handwrite and I add those things in. Sometimes description, sometimes a slight change to the dialogue, sometimes making the writing just a lot better.

But yes we are almost at the 30,000 mark and I am expecting to be around 33,000 to 35,000 when I finish typing up all the 42 pages.

Right now I am using my set writing times in the mornings to type up the pages and get that out of the way so I can go back to writing.

My initial thinking was that it would finish as a novel at around the 50,000 word mark and so I have been softly aiming for that figure and tracking against it for now. But I think we have reached the halfway point in the action so I just need to see where we go.

It may lose words in the editing process so that will be interesting to see.

Writing right now:

Inspector Jansz and the older sister whom I still don’t have a name for are talking and discussing the case. Drugs are being mentioned. I haven’t done much writing – I may need to think about it a bit more before I start on the scene again.

But other parts of the plot are coming together as I type up the earlier pages so I am tweaking bits here and there to allow those parts to come into play later.

I also really really need names for these two girls.

General goals for G & T

  • Get to 50,000 words and see if the damn story has stopped.
  • Try and finish writing by March 31. That’s 21,851 more words to go (both typing up what is written and writing more) and 51 days and 333 words to write per day if I assume I have 17,000 more to write.
  • See if I can plot a crime fiction storyline.
  • Name these characters because I want sequels.
  • Write daily, type up draft weekly, post fortnightly.

If you want to read the draft of Gin & Tonic and give me name suggestions and feedback and other ideas, click the button below.

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