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Where you will find me in October 2018

To be honest, you will be mostly hearing me. 

Queerstories Melbourne

I will be performing at Queerstories in Melbourne. 

The event listing is here with further information. And you should see it pop up on the sidebar.

Queerstories is a storytelling initiative started by Maeve Marsden. Previous stories told by members of the LGTQIA+ community have been collated into book form and the stories are recorded for a podcast as well. My event will also be AUSLAN interpreted which is amazing and I am performing alongside a whole bunch of other awesome people on the night. 

And we can talk about anything apparently. And now I am scratching my head trying to figure out exactly what my story should be about. 

And it’s on October 31st. Halloween. I am wondering if we are required to dress up or not. 

If you cannot make it to the actual event  (tickets are selling out fast apparently), you will be able to hear the podcast later on. 

And you are going to hear me again anyway because…

Digital Writers Festival 2018

I am in yet another writing festival. 

It has been a bit nonstop this year. But I do enjoy these for the most part. 

And this time, it’s all online and I am in a podcast. 

It’s called Hyperspace Hustle. It’s hosted by Ben Eltham and features me and Osman Faruqi chatting to him about the future of writing, what it is like to be a writer, what the union is doing about working conditions and so on. 

And it will be out on October 31 as well. 

I will try and keep you posted if I am doing anything else this month. 

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