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Happy New Year! 2016 and a new project!

Happy New Year!

I wish you all the best for 2016.  And I hope none of you are too hungover.

It’s the time for resolutions and goal settings.

So tell me what your goals are for this year? And how are you planning to keep to them? 

The second question is a bit more important than the first one. I can set a goal for myself but I need to set a plan in place or I won’t achieve it. And this plan, it needs to work with the person that I am.

The person I am will happily map out every possible bit of time and itemise everything possible into a schedule but then the person that I am will also actively be unable to follow something that rigorous. I learnt this the hard way after trying to micromanage nearly every second of my time a few years ago in a heavily multi highlight coloured schedule. It can’t be too ad hoc either – I don’t always remember what my squiggles and scribbles mean.

My plan would not necessarily work for you. And that’s ok, it just has to work for me. It has to be flexible – my life chops and changes quite quickly and quite often. It has to be rigorous enough to work and affect some sort of change via a habit, pattern or routine. It has to adapt to habits and routines I already have that I can hijack to help me.

Last year, I was honoured to be asked to join #thesisfriday – a no frills heads down writing group whereby everyone showed up for the physical peer pressure of being surrounded by busy people who after twenty minutes silence and frantic typing and writing would then pop up and talk about what they were accomplishing so far that day. The pressure would be on to knuckle down and get some work done. Work, socialise, work, socialise and so on till beer ‘o’ clock would roll around at which point you realised you actually managed to write a lot that day. Much more than if you tried to do so at home by yourself.

#thesisfriday will continue in 2016 and I fully intend to make use of it as much as I can.

So what is my goal then? 

It isn’t a goal for the entire year but for about the first three months at least to start with. And no it won’t be a thesis.

It’s going to be another book.

Which means yes, so far as I can determine, I have completed as much of the first draft of Sedition as I can and it’s in the process of being edited and read for feedback.

If you are a patron of mine on Patreon you will have access to the first draft of Sedition being posted online in parts for you to have a look at. Meanwhile, I am working on a new book called HIM.

HIM has one main character and it deals with how we define our emotions and whether we truly have universal definitions for experiences such as love. I know it sounds like it should be in the romance genre but I think it’s literary fiction.

To write HIM, I have created a timetable of sorts that is a bit staggered so that I can attempt to get the bulk of it down in under three months and still have some time for work and other things in life.

To help keep me on track I will be posting what I write throughout the week of HIM to just the Patreon community every Friday, trying to reach certain targets to keep myself on track.

Here is the timetable of targets to reach: 

Jan 8 – 2,000 words      Feb 12 – 15,000           Mar 18 – 40,000
Jan 15 – 4,000                  Feb 19 – 20,000           Mar 25 – 45,000
Jan 22 – 6,000                  Feb 26 – 25,000           Apr 1 – 50,000
Jan 29 – 8,000                  Mar 4 – 30,000             Apr 8 – 55,000
Feb 5 – 10,000                 Mar 11 – 35,000          Apr 15 – 60,000

Why is it structured this way?

Because I will be busy during January working a lot and it would be nice to ease into the writing at this point. Come February I should have a bit more time to be able to try to hit 5,000 words a week instead of 2,000. Whether any of this is possible or not remains to be seen. I could have seriously stretched myself too far again with just one day or so each week in January.

So every Friday, if you are a patron, you will get an email with what I have written for HIM that week. Every Friday if you are not a patron, you will just get the blog post talking about what it was like to write HIM that week.

Why am I doing it this way? 

I want to increase my output rate basically. Sedition has taken ten years to get this far for various reasons and I would like to think that whatever I have learnt from that work I can now put into the other books and just write a lot faster now.

So check out the Patreon page below if you want to know more and tell me if you have set up any goals and how you have planned to achieve them.

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