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HIM update for January 8

Quick explainer: For those of you who don’t know yet, I am writing my second novel HIM and have staggered my word count goals this time. If you support me on Patreon you get to read the first draft as I write it. If you don’t you just get this update on whether I hit my goals or not each week.

Word count goals this week: 2,000
Actual word count this week: 1,121
Total word count so far: 1,121
Total word count goal at this point: 2,000

How long did it take me? Roughly about 1 hour, 14 minutes or so.

Here is the timetable of targets to reach: 

Jan 8 – 2,000 words      Feb 12 – 15,000           Mar 18 – 40,000
Jan 15 – 4,000                  Feb 19 – 20,000           Mar 25 – 45,000
Jan 22 – 6,000                  Feb 26 – 25,000           Apr 1 – 50,000
Jan 29 – 8,000                  Mar 4 – 30,000             Apr 8 – 55,000
Feb 5 – 10,000                 Mar 11 – 35,000          Apr 15 – 60,000


What have I learnt?

  1. I am very nervous about starting this book because I am in Sri Lanka and very busy with journalism work and haven’t even started patching up Sedition yet and I think that HIM is a book long story but it might not be a) a book length or a novella length and b) it may not be a proper cohesive story really yet. So this may be a whole stop and start project simply because partway through it may become obvious that HIM is not ever meant to be a book. But I am crossing my fingers and going with it.
  2. That I am totally lost without a world and without characters and that I am very much in grief and mourning still for all of Sedition suddenly disappearing out of my brain because it is done. It makes me very nervy and very much in need of cuddling and very much prone to a ton of mental flailing which people don’t seem to notice. I am also much more in the real world which is a very odd thing for me because I generally seem to divide my energy between the world behind my eyes and the world in front of them. So sometimes I am overwhelmed and lost and sometimes I am very reactive.
  3. That I am tired. And there are not enough hours in a day. And that at this point, this book needed a notebook. Is this a habit? I am terrified of losing my notebooks.
  4. I am annoyed that I didn’t get to 2,000 but I needed to stop and know where I can continue from tomorrow or when I can next catch a moment to write because I want to write HIM in order and make sure there is some sense in it but I can tell you now that I don’t know what will happen. I know vaguely how it ends, I know the main character and what they have to deal with and I know another two minor characters and some themes but for me this is pretty much an exploration akin to anyone reading it for the first time. I am going to be surprised by what comes out.

What distracted me?

  1. Nothing distracted me per se but I was working and I wasn’t on a regular shift pattern so that made it hard to ensure enough sleep in the first place but night shifts and similar meant that I didn’t often have time to actually go out and buy a notebook to write in. My sister gave me a cute leather bound notebook but it didn’t have enough pages to start using it for writing HIM so I will use it for something else instead.

What did I write about? Commutes and wishing and sleep. And possibly also swimming through air.

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