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The Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013

The challenge is to read, review and promote Australian female writers in 2013. You can sign up here.

I guess a special part of this challenge is that as I am an Australian female writer, I should try to get my book finished as well. So I won’t just be reviewing, I will be writing as well.

So I will update you as I go.

Australian Female Authors & Titles
My first title to be reviewed will be Kerry Greenwood’s latest Phryne Fisher novel Unnatural Habits. My (probably third, rather than second since I do not have the book with me right now) will be Amanda Curtin’s latest collection of short stories. I am aiming to have a book reviewed either every fortnight or every week depending on time as I do have a few other things as well on.

Please feel free to suggest some titles and authors.

EDIT: Suggested title list is here and will be continually updated.

They must be Australian and female. The genres I read are literary fiction, crime fiction, non-fiction and occasionally science fiction and fantasy. I will also be brutally honest if I don’t like them so please suggest the ones you think are really wonderful or else this might all fall down.

My Writing

Sedition is the name of the book that I have been writing for who knows how long now. I am happy to post alongside each review on how many words I have got up to (I am aiming for 60-80,000) and a snippet of what I have written so far. Feel free to comment on whether you like it or not. Sedition is set in Colombo, Sri Lanka over the year of 2005 and looks at how three very different people meet and affect each other over the year as they each struggle to cope with the different directions their lives take them in. It’s about how we form emotional ties and habits, how we understand and react to things and how we can so easily sabotage ourselves as well. It can be a tearjerker but it will have a lot of wackiness and humour and characters meandering off the point which is a lot of fun.

I am currently at the 30,000+ word mark.

Wish me luck!


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