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Need to hire a writer? Hi! I’m Marisa, I’m a writer, journalist and editor, I work freelance or on contract and this website houses my portfolio, my blog full of tips and tricks for other freelancers and quite a few resources including a rates survey, a literary and journalism events calendar for Perth & WA where I am based and a list of female book reviewers.

But mostly this website exists to show you what I do so that you can hire me.

I am a journalist and a copywriter

I write brilliant copy for both news and feature pieces, I have been around the world and I also know my way around photography, audio and video, web and social media. I built this website myself. I have written for national papers in two countries which means I rock as evidenced by my CV and my clips and online portfolio. If you want to hire a writer, you can hire me.

I am an editor

I also freelance for publishers and authors and I have worked on both fiction and non-fiction work. That includes corporate and government work. Two works of fiction that I edited won competitions and a third is currently shortlisted for a national literary prize. How cool is that? I also speak on various aspects of editing & writing so let me know if that’s what you are looking for.

I am also an author 

My first book was published when I was 17 and it was a finalist for Michael Ondaatje’s Gratiaen Awards in 2001 (he of The English Patient fame). It’s out of print and there are no plans to resurrect it as yet. I am currently editing a novel called Sedition, about which I occasionally rave and more often than not, rant and writing another one called, for the moment, HIM. This is an advantage if you need to hire a writer who is creative because I can definitely bring that to the table.


Need to hire a writer?

Hire me

  More about me

As for adventures, well: I grew up in Sri Lanka, lived in the US for two years and have now lived in Perth, Western Australia for ten years which makes it three countries on three continents and about high time that I move to a fourth one. I have also travelled the world and been in ground zero of a bomb blast twice which technically is kind of par for the course with my generation of Sri Lankan kids given that there was a civil war on throughout my entire childhood.

Other adventures have included being part of Australia’s largest colonial period archaeological dig, organising and convening a national publishing and editing conference, and managing to end up with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Geography with an Honours in Archaeology and then compounding it with a Master of Communications on neuroscience and journalism.  Scientists are always fun to interview. On occasion I have been asked to teach first year university students about journalism.

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As if that wasn’t enough, I helped out with promotion at the third largest literary festival, the Galle Literary Festival in 2012, sat on the State Literary Board of Western Australia, wrote a weekly column for The Sunday Leader newspaper for four years for an audience of 10,000, reviewed books for the West Australian newspaper, became a regular on the Society of Editors (WA) committee for six years and only recently started occupying a seat on the WA’ media union committee for the MEAA.


But beyond all that, I enjoy travelling, I game, I write and read voraciously, I paint and fish and dance. I have reported on politics and popular culture, about gaming, music and books, about science, the environment and technology though in my novels I tend to write about identity politics and the process of creating identity.

Need to hire a writer?

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