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#ECUWAPolChat transcript: quizzing the Mt Lawley candidates

I was curator/livetweeter/Twitter wrangler for the recent #ecuwapolchat – an experiment by the political journalism students at Edith Cowan University on interviewing candidates for the upcoming WA State Election (9 March 2013) and on livetweeting. Three out of the five candidates for the Mt Lawley electorate came to speak to us on Monday 4 March 2013 and we livetweeted the discussion.

This is the transcript of the event with added information and links. Hit the “Read Next Page” button and it will load the next page on this very page so you won’t have to open any other tabs or browser windows.

If you like it share it or comment. If you followed along with the chat as it happened, let us know. We hope to do more of these in the future.

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