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My latest journalism work for Curtin

Untitled by Hamed Saber via Flickr/Photopin
Untitled by Hamed Saber via Flickr/Photopin

At the moment, I occupy a desk chair in Curtin University’s Digital Media Unit.

And so a lot of what I get to do is fun. I get to help keep an eye on the social media and come up with pretty cool ideas like what we get to do with Google Plus Hangouts.

But I also get to keep my hand in journalism: I get to write news stories for Curtin’s news site.

So here is a list of the stories I have written so far (click on the article title to read more):

Indigenous kids run for PM

What would you say in your first speech if you were the Australian Prime Minister?

It’s a question that AIME mentor Marlee Hutton put to her group of high school student mentees recently.

She then told them that they would write speeches, film them and put them online to be voted on and that the best ones would get their speeches presented during the lead up to the 2013 Federal Election in Canberra

Five academics, four citations and a fellowship

But when asked what drives them, all five academics agreed that they wanted their students to have the best learning experience possible and to be able to achieve their goals.

Professor Maynard summed it up best.

“I wanted our students to come every day to the university looking forward to their learning experiences,” she said. “Learning does matter; so do our learners.”

Curtin filmmaker featured at international film festival

“At 16, I saw films that blew my mind.”

Fast forward several years later and Zak Hilditch is the one making the mind-blowing films. The Curtin graduate’s latest fully funded feature film These Final Hours just premiered at the Melbourne International Film Festival and was borne out of a short film called Transmission which just so happened to pick up the Best Screenplay Award last year at the Australian Academy Cinema and Television Arts (ACTAA) Awards.

Reaching and revealing: Dr Robertson’s nationally shortlisted memoir and the writing process 

“I’m trying to not write a sequel.”

Dr Rachel Robertson, lecturer in Professional Writing and Publishing at Curtin, smiled as she said this, before adding, “but maybe my son can write it – it will be about the next stage of his life after all.”

Success, women and the experience at Curtin

Dr Anne Aly has a board in her Curtin office that lists her 10 or 11 major projects for the next twelve months. “I try to write about six papers for journals a year,” she said.

If that sounds overwhelming, you shouldn’t be surprised. Dr Aly’s drive to succeed is what got her listed on Scoop’s list of WA Women of Success earlier this year. And she is not alone.

Curtin, change and Vice-Chancellor Professor Jeanette Hacket

“Why wouldn’t you?”

The phrase keeps coming up throughout my interview with Curtin’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Jeanette Hacket who will retire in August this year.

I ask her why she is passionate about education. She answers: “Why wouldn’t you be?”


Happy reading!

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