My story on China’s circuit breaker mechanism

I recently got back from two months in Sri Lanka where I worked as a weird mix of intern and reporter and production assistant and researcher for both a TV channel called Newsfirst and a radio channel called Yes FM.

They allowed me to take some of the work I had done for my portfolio when I left. So here is some of the work I did.

This is the story on the circuit breaker mechanism that China trialled in early January. It was part of why the global economy in January was so shaky that oil prices got affected a lot more than they otherwise might have been. I found it an intriguing story to follow just because it was very different to what you might otherwise normally report in terms of stock exchanges and indices and share prices and so on. People across the world are working on various ideas to try to fix the global economy and prevent things collapsing or falling apart.

This was created ahead of time for the dummy of an half an hour business program and I was hoping to keep it but I ended up putting together another story on the oil price debacle instead which by the time the program was about to air was more current. But also intriguing.

I will have my portfolio up and available soon. I am also doing a bit more video journalism work on the fly while in Perth so let me know if you have an interesting story to cover.

Scripted, edited and voiced by me; the footage is courtesy of Reuters and Xinhua via Reuters subscription – my thanks to Newsfirst for allowing me to put it together and use it.


[aesop_video width=”60%” align=”center” src=”youtube” id=”2QhqG1OCn7M” caption=”China circuit breaker mechanism” loop=”on” autoplay=”on” controls=”on” viewstart=”on” viewend=”on”]


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