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Australia Day Book Giveaway Blog Hop

It’s Australia Day (or it will be tomorrow)!

And I have nothing better to do than to give away books! Isn’t that lovely of me? 😉

However I am NOT the only one giving away books. This is part of a blog hop which means you can go check out the list of all the book bloggers that are giving books away for FREE and enter them all and hopefully get a haul in the post in the upcoming weeks.

Each book blogger will have different requirements for you to enter.


  1. Please only enter if you actually reside in Australia because I am severely limited at the moment by where in the world I can post to and it causes all sorts of headaches because parcels haven’t reached their destinations before.
  2. Spread the word, check out the other blogs and have fun.
  3. Entries close at midnight (AESD)/ 9 pm (West Australian time) on 28 January 2014. And they open from the moment you finish reading this post. 😉

How to enter:

You can enter several times because your name will get drawn out of a hat – well – out of a beret actually. If I draw your name and you are unable to give me an Australian postal address, I will re-draw.

  1. Leave a comment (on this post) recommending an Australian author (male or female) that you like. You will be disqualified for mentioning the usual culprits such as Patrick White and Tim Winton. Steer clear of those and try to recommend an author who may not be that well known. You don’t have to write paragraphs – a couple of sentences will be fine. Make sure that you subscribe to the comments/the blog so that you will find out if you won on 29 January. Please ALSO remember to state which books you want if you win.

Extra entries (if you feel keen to win):

  1. For an extra entry, follow me at @mwikramanayake on Twitter and tweet at me with your recommendation/tweet about the book giveaway.
  2. For another extra entry, like my Facebook page and post on the wall with your recommendation/share the link from my FB page to your FB friends/wall etc. Please ensure that if you do this, you are careful and not spamming anyone who doesn’t want to see it.
  3. For an extra five entries, if you have a blog of your own, write up a blog post that reviews your book recommendation to me, submit it to the Australian Women Writers Challenge for 2014 and post another comment here with the link to the blog post.

What will you win?

Goodies of course! Including books. Books! You get your choice of two books from the list below. I may add more books to the list as I go – I have piles of them to go through. Any books that don’t get chosen by the winner will go back into the “must keep for book giveaways” pile so you will see them pop up again and you can fight it out in the comments as to what you want.

Books are as follows:

Aleks Krotoski’s Untangling The Web (non-fiction: science)
AUSSIE AUTHOR: Michael Hawton’s Talk Less, Listen More: Solutions for children’s difficult behaviour (non-fiction: parenting)
AUSSIE AUTHOR: Mark Willacy’s Fukushima: Japan’s tsunami & the inside story of the nuclear meltdowns (non-fiction: science)
Anthony Marra’s A Constellation of Vital Phenomena (contemporary fiction)
Sue Grafton’s W is for Wasted (crime fiction)
AUSSIE AUTHOR: Helen Owen’s Get Selfish, Get Happy (non-fiction: self help)
AUSSIE AUTHOR: Daniel Priestley’s Become A Key Person Of Influence (non-fiction: self help)

The books you get to choose from for the Australia Day book giveaway.
The books you get to choose from for the Australia Day book giveaway.

Please note that your books will not come with the cat. I repeat: a literary minded kitty is not part of the prize but merely advertising material.

Also note that if you are keen on extra entries and tweeting, you can use the above photo with my permission to tweet about the giveaway. Just right click, save to your desktop and upload when you tweet it.

There will be other goodies in the box that you get but they will be a surprise. 🙂

What are you waiting for? Start commenting and recommending authors!

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  • Desolie Page

    Kerry Greenwood gets my vote. I’m loving the differences in her writing style in the Corrina Chapman series and the Miss Fisher series; the authenticity of her settings, both series in Melbourne but in different eras; her attention to detail, references to classical literature, and to history.
    On my wish list are Helen Owen and Michael Hawton – but always delighted to read …

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