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Eleni Konstantine's Snoop

A detective. That works with the paranormal.

So where do I sign up?

I got hold of this because Eleni Konstantine was kind enough to send me a pdf version to review.

Eleni writes short fiction, not quite flash or short story but nowhere near novella length either. And she usually is pure sci fi though much like Marianne de Pierres she does not shy away from the crossover with crime. Crime is bound to happen in the near future and any alternate timelines after all.

And so in the space of a few words Eleni sketches out the scene: there are ghouls, goblins and vampires, there are systems & structures in place and that includes private investigators with their own influenced nods to Raymond Chandler. Scandals and twists abound at a rather fast pace but hey if you’re not entirely bound by the limitations of physics on the physical plane then of course breakneck speed is bound to result.

The point is that Snoop could easily be the first in a series. The characters aren’t perfect but they are there and ready and waiting and most importantly, when you read Snoop you will feel that the entire experience has ended far too quickly – that there should have been more cases or longer ones.

Snoop is a fantastic read and a lovely discovery courtesy of the Australia Day Blog Hop Book Giveaway.

Author: Eleni Konstantine
Genre: Crime fiction/Science Fiction crossover
Publisher: Musa Publishing
Publication Date: 2013

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