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Perth Diary is back!

Most of you are probably scratching your heads and going “Say what now?” or quite possibly “What is this mad woman up to now?”

Hopefully, some of you are cheering. Or at least are pleasantly surprised.

For the uninitiated, Perth Diary was a column I wrote for The Sunday Leader from 2005 to 2009 (there is a link to the archives here). In 2009, I stopped writing because I wasn’t hearing anything from anyone at the paper – presumably because this was also around the time the entire website for the newspaper was revamped. The revamped site didn’t have any position for Perth Diary and I assumed that this plus the lack of contact and response meant that the column had been given an official burial.

I did ask people at the time whether they wanted it to continue online but unassociated with the paper. The lack of response made me think that perhaps this was not such a great idea.

Fast forward to the last few days when people actually started asking me why I stopped writing it. At which point I rolled my eyes because I had written about why it had stopped. It’s a two way thing you see – I write, you read. And if you like it you pass it on, if you don’t you argue with me. Either way you don’t ask me daft questions two years after the fact.

But people do want me to start it up again and after much arm twisting, here we go.

It will be weekly on a Saturday (starting on the 25th of March) so you can read it over breakfast. It will be 500 words long (and not cut short by any copy editors). It will be about Perth, about being a Sri Lankan in Perth and all the usual stuff the original column was about. It will go out to the FB page, to twitter, to reddit and so on. You can sign up to get it in your email. Print it off if you need to emulate the physical feel of a newspaper – it’s free save for the A4 paper. It doesn’t matter.

Just read it (I can see some of you rolling your eyes). If you like it, share it or leave a comment. If you don’t, well feel free to go to town on what I have done wrong.

Oh and one other thing: it’s up to you entirely, but if you want to be involved, leave a comment (or two or three…) on what you want me to talk about each week.


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