• Marisa Wikramanayake will be appearing at two sessions at the Digital Writers Festival this year.
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    I’m in the Digital Writers Festival this year!

    Back in June or July, I sent Jane Howard, who was organising the Digital Writers Festival, a message on Twitter: have ideas on diversity panels etc and grassroots movements and have applied so will await decisions & twiddle thumbs. 🙂 — Marisa Wikramanayake (@mwikramanayake) July 20, 2016 In September/October I received a series of emails the upshot of which meant I was in TWO (count them, TWO) sessions for the Digital Writers Festival. TWO SESSIONS! The Digital Writers Festival runs from November 1 to November 11 which basically means it starts next Tuesday. And it is all ONLINE. YES. Thanks to the magic of Google Hangouts and some other spiffy…