Despite COVID-19 I am still here

Back when I first started this blog, it was moved over from a personal one I had elsewhere pre the days of Google.

The CMS that that blog was hosted on allowed for a lot more embedded interaction. You could easily find other bloggers and chat to them. You didn’t need to keep a schedule but someone would probably check in on you if you were quiet for too long.

I never quite got into the next phase of things: where blogs were suddenly something you had to do and that you had to do on a schedule. I tried but it wasn’t what I had become used to – you can’t build a community by force.

And I have changed too. As a teenager, I didn’t have much on so I could focus on the blog. As an adult, I have about approximately 27 or so “projects” in seven “areas” of my life. I tried to list and count them the other day. The blog is just one of them.

But I thought I should say something. Let you know that I am still here despite COVID-19. That I am still alive and around. Just in case anyone was concerned.

And that I might blog a bit more often. But probably not on any sort of regular schedule. Because I am trying to do some cool things that I can tell you about on the blog, except first I have to go do them.

But I am here, I am ok and I am working. I hope all of you are ok and staying safe and healthy.

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