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If you have joined the page on Facebook, you are probably already aware of this.

Several things have happened. There is now a new projects page on this site that lists all the side projects I am currently involved in. It reflects a change as to what will be posted up here (This site is staying, just so you are clear on that).

All my book reviews are going to be posted on Jacket & Spine which is my new rather weird name for my book review site. Updates are Monday, Wednesday & Saturday. For the Pratchett fans, there is currently a review of I shall wear midnight up on it. I also might be giving away a copy soon (once I get it in the mail). So grab the RSS feed or follow the tweets/FB page updates so you know what’s happening. I might cross post to this website but probably not any time soon.

I am also involved in some fundraising/charity work at the moment, so yes, you might see something strange on the twitter feed or the Facebook posts. It’s called Frocktober and I am raising money for ovarian cancer research by wearing a dress each day in October (in the chilly weather which is why it’s a big deal, I suppose) and posting about it. I’m also involved in organising certain fundraising events. Updates are daily throughout October 2010. Again, this is a side project for charity and NOT a venture into fashion journalism. Just so you are aware.

What will get posted here will be published journalism, creative writing and editing work as and when it happens. If I have a large body of published work in a particular area, such as the columns or the book reviews, you will be directed to the specific site that hosts it so you can navigate it far more easily.

I’m just hoping this restructuring of the material makes it easier to find things on this website. Feel free to send me any feedback on how the division into sections is working.

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