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I am now on Patreon

Over the past year, I have been looking into various means and platforms for crowdfunding.


Because I have a lot of ideas for novels and projects and while I make enough to support myself, sometimes these novels and projects incur costs to get them underway.

The novels, for example, once the manuscripts are done and at first draft, require editing in order to actually be as cohesive and clear as possible before a potential publisher or agent or competition judge sees them.

But isn’t that part of what I do?

Yes but while that is the service I can provide for other authors, it is not one I can do for myself. You cannot edit yourself – your brain doesn’t always show you the gaps. You need a fresh set of eyes. ¬†And another brain.

So I need to hire an editor to do that for me. And to do that I need to pay them a decent rate. But I would require funds for that and that is where Patreon comes in.

Patreon is a crowdfunding service where you decide to be a patron of someone creating something and you pledge a certain amount either per month or per product they create and when the month rolls by or they create the product, your account is debited for that amount.

You then get rewards for being a patron and donating depending on how much you donate and whether or not a certain goal is reached.

My goal is to gain enough to fund editing my novels and for anything else writing or publishing related and then perhaps a little left over to pass on to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation in Australia.

I have decided to reward my patrons with free copies of the books once they are done, exclusive access to the rough drafts, opportunities to be involved by providing feedback, being part of a monthly hangout and getting to ask your own writing questions and then other things like shoutouts, photo ops and anything else I can come up with at the time. If you have ideas let me know. I would be thrilled.

If this seems like something cool you want to know more about, you can check out the Patreon page.

There is no obligation at all to donate or take part in Patreon – it’s not the be all and end all of things. You can still be on the subscriber list and read the blog and you can still give me feedback and chat and ask questions online via social media.

So how much am I asking for? I start at a $1 per 1000 words/chapter. Yes. $1. Why? Because I think that’s reasonable – it would be odd for people to pay more than say $20 per chapter. At $1 per 1000 words/chapter that would be between say $12 to $60 depending on whether you went by chapter or word count. If you get up to $12 and want to cancel then you can do so and you will still get the free copies etc and I think that’s fair.

So head on over and check my Patreon page out. Let me know what you think.

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