Well at least the website is looking a bit snazzier

First of all, sorry about the radio silence on the website of late. The website was hacked and was down. It didn’t affect anyone who visits it – all it did was place pesky links all over the site.

But it did take a while to sort out. I had to figure out exactly what had been tampered with. Right now, I am pretty sure I got everything but if you see anything strange, let me know.

And then I decided to change the look of the site a bit more. I hope things are now easier to find on the site and that things are easier to read.

So what happened when I was away?

Several things.

  1. I moved to Melbourne. Some of you may have known that this was in the works for the second half of last year. It is still a bit strange and disconcerting to be in Melbourne but for the most part I don’t notice that I am in a different city. And yes the cat moved too.

    If you are based elsewhere and concerned about hiring me for something, please don’t be. I do work remotely for clients as well.

  2. I sent in Sedition to the KYD Unpublished Manuscript Award. We find out on the 8th of June if it managed to get into the longlist. I doubt it though.
  3. The Change The Rules campaign came out and I also had to go to Sydney for the MEAA NMS and Federal Council meetings. If you are confused or have any questions, please feel free to ask me about it or about what the MEAA is doing and so on.
  4. I am currently in Sri Lanka for a couple of weeks for personal reasons and, well also work, because I picked up some books for research purposes. But I will be back in Perth come Monday when the KSP week of the Foundation Fellowship starts. Let’s hope I am able to write a lot. If you are going to the Peter Greste talk in Perth, I will hopefully see you there.
  5. I have confirmed an online course with Writers Bloc to start in late June so stay tuned for more information on that. In early June, I will be on five panels for Melbourne’s Speculative Fiction Convention Continuum so check back for confirmation of that schedule and the other panellists. I will update the events list accordingly and you will see me waving my arms around on Instagram in excitement.
  6. I presented a talk to the Canberra Society of Editors on efficiency in freelancing as an editor and it went down a treat. I am hoping to create a course people can take online so if you are keen for such a course, let me know.

I think that is about it. I think you are all caught up now. I will try and write more blog posts more often but I wanted to update you all. Next week, I am going to try and concentrate on the writing though.

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